mobile data security

A guide to keeping your mobile data secure

For the busy small business owner on the go, there is nothing more important than staying connected. Thankfully, an abundance of mobile technology and productivity apps make this easy to do. Whether you’re in line at the bank, taking a meeting downtown, or traveling across the country for business, there’s no reason why you can’t stay connected to your business. As important and useful as it is, though, it’s also vital that you keep your mobile data secure. Gaining access should never compromise security for any reason.

It’s with this in mind that we’ve created this handy guide. Here are our top recommendations for keeping your data secure no matter how far your business takes you from the office.  

Keep your location to yourself

Mobile devices are full of useful features that make your life easier, but if you’re not careful, some features may compromise your security. Location tracking on mobile devices may seem like a useful feature, but it also makes it easier for this information to fall into the wrong hands. Keep your location to yourself by turning off location tracking on all of your personal devices. In addition to your devices, be sure to check the settings on social media apps and accounts to make sure that your location is not being tracked there, either.

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Beware of public charging stations

While public charging stations are generally safe, you should approach them with a degree of caution. In addition to charging your devices, USB stations can be used to transfer data in either direction, therefore putting your devices at risk of malware infections and data loss. A safer option is to opt for a regular electric outlet whenever possible. Better yet, invest in an external battery pack, and carry your own charger with you wherever you go.

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Connect with caution

The biggest benefit of mobile technology is the ability to connect to the web wherever you go. While many people have reasonable cell phone plans that allow them to access the internet, most people prefer to connect using wifi when possible. Many devices are set up to connect automatically to public wifi connections. This can be risky, as unsecured connections may be unsafe. We recommend turning off automatic wifi connections, and only connecting to wifi connections that you know to be secure. Alternatively, you might consider using a third-party virtual private network (VPN) when you need to connect to a public connection. VPNs work by encrypting your data, which helps to keep it secure.

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Opt for the cloud

As a business owner, you probably use your personal devices to get some work done and connect to the office when you can’t be there in person. While there are many ways to access your work, the most secure option is to keep your secure work data on the cloud. When you keep your work on the cloud you can access all of your files as needed, and know that it is safer and secure, rather than keeping it on your mobile device where it is more susceptible to theft or loss.

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